About Us

What is Dirty Thirteen?

A lifestyle brand with no luck at all, so we motivate and hype those around us to put in the work needed to get what they want out of life. The number thirteen isn't unlucky, it's a reminder to keep moving forward. Thirteen is a symbol used to prove others wrong.

and now a word from the owner!

I've never had that great of luck, but anything I had or was good at, I worked hard for. I learned at a young age that you don't get far sitting on the side lines. Not only do you have to get in the game, you have to wake up for practice. For me, that game was baseball, and you already know I was number 13 every season I got the chance! This number is not unlucky, it's not dirty. I decide what it is. I put in the hours and have faith it pays off. That's what I build my life around. A life known as Dirty Thirteen. If any of this sounds familiar to you or motivates you to ask for more out of life, I ask you to join the family. Join the lifestyle. Live the lifestyle. 

What we are about.

Hobbies have filled my life with so much that influence this company, since those hobbies are usually what I invest my time and effort into. Personally, cars are a big hobby for me. You can find me and the company setup at drift events, stance shows and local car meets. When I was first of age to work, I started at a local skating rink and quickly picked up roller skating. I was pretty awful at first, but with enough practice I got good. I spent many of my weekends in high school at the rink late into the night jam skating. Rather I'm working on cars or out on that skate floor, I got here from hard work and dedication. I fell on my butt enough to learn how to get back up and learn from my mistakes. These hobbies make me who I am and you will see them quite a bit with the brand, but that doesn't mean they have to be your particular hobbies to embrace what Dirty Thirteen is about. Apply it to what YOU love and please feel free to share that with us to include us in new things we aren't used to. I just want you to know that you don't have to be into cars to understand the brand. Dirty Thirteen is about reaching for something bigger than whats set on your plate. 

Thank You For Reading!
Blake Doggrell